how to start affiliate marketing with no money
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6-Steps: How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money Right Now

Do you want to know how to start affiliate marketing with no money and you want to do it right now?

Affiliate marketing is all about making tons of profits without any effort and according to popular believe you need money in order to make money right?

Wrong! That’s what google might have you believe , but as usual, the truth is a little far more complex than that.

For starters, affiliate marketing isnt all about just generating profits, there must be effort put into it too, otherwise no one would ever get anywhere.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business

how to start affiliate marketing with no money
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Let me explain how…

I am sure you would agree that if you want to become really successful at something, it would help if you had the proper knowledge to make full use of your skills, right?

The same applies for affiliate marketing, just like any other skill you would need to put in the effort to develop what is known as “general knowledge”, because it is knowledge that can be applied to any type of business or industry, no matter how different it is from yours.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

So here is how you can learn how to start affiliate marketing with no money whatsoever.

1. Find your niche

Firstly you should find a proven niche that you have an interest in.

how to start affiliate marketing with no money
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Go to your favorite search engine and search for “niche research tools”, this will bring up a whole list of sites that will allow you to look into niches that interest you and list of possible products you could promote.

2. Learn more about your niche

Next, go to a discussion forum made for you niche (the better the site the more visitors you will get) and look for threads that are already started, these are great places to start because they have a lot of members already going into the topic.

Also, by going into the topics and answering any questions already posted, you will build your expertise on your niche which is definitely gonna help in the long run.

Also, make notes of pain points (things that people need help with) and any topic that has a lot of engagement.

That is how you can come up with awesome ideas for some really useful and engaging content that is greatly going to help out your audience later on.

Remember that you always have to give value, it will pay off in the long run.

3. Get a free site (seriously it’s free)

Affiliate marketing can be done in a number of ways.

But the most effective way to affiliate marketing for a newbie (and free) is through blogs and writing articles.

So go ahead and get your free site started at

how to start affiliate marketing with no money
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4. Content is still the king

Blog marketing is a very powerful strategy to drive sales to your affiliate marketing campaigns.

And it can be done for free.

But the only problem is that you need nice and steady content.

In other words, you need to come up with engaging content ideas to write articles about specific pain points or issues that you’re audience is having within your niche.

Content in the online world is like water to us humans, if westop drinking water we die. Same goes for content on your blog or site especially if you’re trying to learn how to start affiliate marketing with no money.

Here is where you can put into practice everything you learnt from your niche in step two above.

If you’re like me and don’t wanna spend hours writing a single article then I recommend a tool that I personally use to write content for me.

In fact it helped me write this same post.

It’s not free though, and yes I will make a commission if you get it.

You don’t have to, this is just the personal tool I use to write articles with and it is a huge time saver.

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5. The strategy behind the scenes

Making money with affiliate marketing is great. But learning how to start affiliate marketing with no money is even greater.

The money is in the list!

Or at least that’s the famous saying going around in the affiliate marketing world, I’m sure you’ll hear it once or twice.

But the truth though is that the money really relies on your audience no matter how or where, if you can get access not once but every time you want to a bunch of people within your niche then you are golden.

For example, a Youtube channel, instagram, tiktok, facebook and so on.

The only problem with all of those is that you have absolutely no control of the audience, if your youtube channel gets deleted or shutdown or facebook decides to close your account, then you would have to start all over again.

In the case of having an email list, you own that audience and nobody can ever touch it, it is yours and yours alone. An audience that you can access any time you want.

You need to get your hands on an audience that you have absolute control of and that’s one of the most important steps if you wanna succeed in the affiliate marketing world.

You can totally skip this for now, but I strongly recommend you to definitely consider building a list at the same time that you are promoting your affiliate links.

6. Finding the right product to promote

There are many places that you can go to find products to promote.

But the most popular one is hands down

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I recommend you to start there first.

Basically once you sign up and login to your account you will want to go to the marketplace where you will find all the different categories and I’m almost positive you’ll find yours there.

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Although, it’s a good idea to start with one product and go on from there, when you are really good at your niche, you can branch out into other products and make a lot more money than just promoting a single product.


Learning how to start affiliate marketing with no money, like any other business, is a process and you must work to be successful, the trick is to learn the right strategies and implement them correctly, once you have done that, you will move into the super affiliates and you will separate yourself from everyone else.

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