Viral doesn’t translate to complicated. And sometimes to make something special and unique you just have to show it as it is.

Simple = Better?

Granted, maybe with a little twist as you’re about to see in the video but still.

We all know what a piece of viral Instagram content can do for your account. People tag friends and their friends tag their friends and comment and save it to their albums.

You get an amazing amount of exposure to people who are liking your content and the chances to gain a tremendous amount of new followers are pretty great on your favor.

You’ll know your post has gone viral on Instagram when you have reached at least 100k+ likes and thousands of comments and shares are being responsible for that one post that you didn’t even think it was gonna go viral.

Now, going viral could be a bit of a problem at first if you don’t understand the concept.

Viral has become under rated and people just want to see something different, they got used to all the blows and whistles of a super complicated post that used to go viral a few years ago, and now the simples and most idiotics videos tend to do just that.

It’s like tables have turned and now in order to go viral you just have to be yourself with a little spice and a little bit of crazy. Play around and experiment but mostly be yourself.

The tips shown in the video definitely will help you with all that and more.

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